Several years after the closing-down of Sangatte Red Cross camp, enacted by Nicolas Sarkozy in 2002, they are still as many as before, desperately attempting to reach Great Britain: the numerous migrants escaping from Afghanistan, Kurdistan, Iraq, Palestine, Eritrea, Ethiopia, or Sudan. They wander through the streets of Calais, waiting for the right truck to come, abandoned to the harshness of the weather, deprived of everything, harassed by the police. The lack of comment and interviews conveys a particular echo to each image, each face, each gesture, all expressing the suffering, the exhaustion, the fear, but also the joy of living, the vitality, the sense of humour and the hopes of these young men abandoned by the world.

no comment

a film by Nathalie Loubeyre
and Joël Labat

Documentary 52 mn


Grand Prix Best Creative Documentary
International Human Rights Film Festival
Paris 2009

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