If you want to organize a screening of "No Comment" in a festival, a charity, company, etc., please contact us first.

Screening rights costs will vary depending on the circumstances (commercial, education, audience, etc.).

Please send an e-mail and explain us what's your project, and don't forget your address, the scheduled date, number of seats, entry fee (if applicable).

You can also ask the Director to be present to the screening (planning allowing).

The film is available in PAL in SD or HD (1920i) in these formats:
Digital Betacam
Beta SP

We have subtitled versions in:

More information:
Format: 16:9
Son: stéréo

"No Comment" has been granted a commercial certificate by the CNC (Centre National du Cinéma), numéro 123032,
and therefore can be showed in french movie theaters

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